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Needless to say, the internet has dramatically changed the way in which sharing of information is taking place and of course; it has had a great impact on marketing. In the past few years, outbound techniques have become outdated and inbound tactics are gaining momentum. More and more businesses are seeing success by publishing original information and content instead of just inserting advertisements within content mainly because of the added benefits these strategies provide such as audience growth and branding.

With these growing trends in mind, let us see what the top online internet advertising trends are at present:

Content Marketing

One of the key strategies that organizations are trying to gain trust and establishing authority over consumers is by constantly creating good content via a number of channels. This generally involves pertinent industry information providing entertainment or insight to an audience. By doing so, a company is able to steadily build a rapport with its audience and create a loyal following.

Social media marketing needs more diversity

Besides the usual Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace networks, other Social media networks like Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and Instagram have really surged in popularity providing businesses with a lot of new options allowing them to create engaging content in a number of media forms as well as build their audience over more channels.
Eventually, it has become quite common for businesses to just branch out and start experimenting with multiple networks with an objective of reaching the greatest number of consumers. Well, this diversification proves to be fruitful for many businesses as if often helps build brand equity; consumers find it easier to identify a specific brand.

Image-Centric content

The traditional text-based content will not be completely outdated; however, it is pretty obvious that incorporating images in between content is highly beneficial to an internet advertising campaign.

Less is more

One remarkable internet marketing trend is the clear shift in preference of consumers with regard to unsophisticated or simple marketing messages to rather than complicated and in-depth messages. Consider top brands such as Apple and Google; you shall notice that they obviously value simplicity. As many consumers are feeling burned by the continuous bombardment of information and ads that often scream “come on, look at me”, the most innovative marketers are moving in the opposite direction. They are making efforts to in fact tone down their advertising campaign messages rather than overwhelming consumers with lots of hype.

Mobile-Friendly Content

Owing to the quick growing and widespread use of tablets and Smartphones, it is mandatory for companies to have content that mobile users can access and use easily.

Ad Retargeting

Ad Retargeting is a marketing strategy that has become popular in the recent times. To put it simply, it works by using browser cookies in order to track the sites that are visited by users. Once the visitors leave a particular site, the viewed products or services will be again shown to them in advertisement across a range of websites.

SEO and social signals become more intertwined

More and more people are sharing a specific piece of content, the higher quality it seems to be and so its position must increase within the result pages of the search engine. It is not a coincidence that the high ranking search results are likely to have many social shares while those that are ranked lower tend to have fewer.