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Online Advertising Agency

Online Advertising Agency

is Advertising division of Ajal Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We are based out of India and are professionally qualified (including related certifications from Google and Microsoft) to run advertising programs for businesses worldwide. It is comparatively easier to find, train and utilize quality resources in this part of the world. This is the reason we can provide quality services for a lower cost. Online Advertising Agency prides itself for its cost-effective and quality delivery.

We identify ourselves as an agency which would take all your online advertising worries away. We will work with you to first understand your business model, to identify your advertising goals & understand the budgets before starting to create an advertising strategy for you. This also involves a detailed industry analysis along with review of your competition.

We will then set up the advertising channels to target results in line with your objectives. We will subsequently do regular monitoring and fine-tuning to continue to get results for you.

You would pay to the advertising platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook etc. directly. You will get complete access to these channels as well associated analytics so that you can see changes and performance real-time, as and when you may feel like.

Online Advertising Explained

Advertising through online medium is one of the most efficient marketing strategies available in the present day world. It certainly can generate enormous traffic to your site and eventually enhance your ranking in search engines as well as increase your revenues. As a business owner, things may not get better than that. But, advertising tactics normally do not meet the expectations. You should remember that the actual difference between a struggle and a successful strategy is careful planning.

Secrets of successful online advertising

  1. First, know who your audience is and what product you are advertising. Most of the times, ads struggle mainly because they do not target a specific group or product. They fail to gain the attention of the prospect as well as do not provide a call to action. Prior taking any steps, it is crucial to know your audience and what exactly you are advertising.
  2. Next, do a research on where you will place your ad. Find sites that are relevant. Ensure it is a site visited by your target audience. For instance, if you are advertising hair care products, you shall choose to advertise on a site that is dedicated to helping mothers or a site that gives tips on hair care. Find a site that receives good traffic. A site can be a lot relevant and still not serve as an ideal choice to spend your money for advertising. Find out the amount of traffic the site generates and see what they charge for an advertisement. Look for a site that maintains quality. If you advertise your product or service on a website that is well respected, you will surely be linked with that level of credibility and quality. The last thing you want to do is advertise on a site that has no reputation.You should keep in mind that online advertising does include placing text ads or banner ads on relevant websites, placing classified ads online and PPC advertising. In fact, there is a wide array of opportunities. You must pick the ones that seem to be more sensible for your audience.
  3. Write your ad. As soon as you know where you will place the advertisement, write down the ad as per the specifications of the website. Even if you plan to advertise using AdWords, you have parameters to which you must fit your copy into. Ensure your words are appealing to your audience, offers a benefit and ascertain that you include a call to action. Phrases like “Click here”, “learn more”, and “buy now” tell your audience clearly as to what you wish them to do next. Besides, never be afraid to find out what your competitors are doing and how you can be better than them.

Online advertising is surely a superior traffic driving and income building experience. You have to approach it as an entrepreneur. Perform your research, devise a plan and ensure you have the right systems in place to track the results. Keep perfecting and honing your ads until they start generating traffic and the revenue you are looking forward to.

Online Advertising Networks

Online advertising or internet advertising is unquestionably the latest trend in the advertising industry. If you are already part of this industry, then you may be well aware of the tremendous growth of online advertising in terms of the myriad of companies using it. Companies that offer online advertising services use online advertising networks for the purpose. Online advertising network connects the advertiser to a number of website publishers that wish to display advertisements on their sites. In simple terms, they aggregate space for advertising from the website owners and then sell them to advertisers depending on their niche markets.

Google is the most prominent company that dominates the online advertising space. Google offers advertising service via Adwords. Adwords is the primary source of advertising revenue for Google; it generates billions of dollars. There is yet another one called Adsense. Adsense is free; anybody who owns a website or is a publisher can display advertisements for free using Adsense. It has been an excellent source of additional income for a lot of publishers across the world for many years.

Yahoo and Microsoft are the other companies that offer online advertising services. Yahoo uses Search Marketing and Microsoft uses AdCenter. They are the key competitors to Google Adwords. In the year 2010, in order to strengthen their market share, Microsoft and Yahoo! formed a partnership allowing Microsoft AdCenter to power adverts on Yahoo! Search Marketing. There are still more ad networks that offer online advertising service like Infolinks and Adstract; however, these are not as powerful as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Various forms of internet advertising networks are:

  1. Representative networks
  2. Targeted networks
  3. Blind network

Representative networks offer good transparency to advertisers that help them find out where all the ads are placed. Generally, direct response advertisers are interested in it because they normally receive a large volume of traffic. Representative networks are used mostly by brand marketers and they provide low market prices.

Targeted Network is the most advanced ad network type. It can also be called the next generation network. These ad networks use a specific targeting technology with utmost specificity and the ads are categorized based on the contextual content. Hence, it improves accuracy in directing the right kind of traffic to the website in accordance to its contextual ads.

Blind Networks are offered at a very low price. As far as a blind network is concerned, direct marketers do not have any control over the placement of their ads. But, they are largely preferred owing to their inexpensive pricing. A blind Network also receives bulk ads and therefore offered at a low price. Blind networks use a perfect combination of ad targeting technology and campaign optimisation so as to have the ads running and live.

Before building a network of ads, consult with advertisers because a few of them whose ads are placed in your site may not be willing to have some other ad in your site. Find out from them whether you can place the other ads also on your site.

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