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Create Social Media Audience using Facebook Advertising

Facebook, the king of social media network, has over 1.3 billion users across the globe and is in fact one of the highest traffic hubs on the World Wide Web. If you manage to succeed with advertising on this great social network giant, you could unquestionably be opening a massive sales funnel. But, how to smartly advertise on Facebook and achieve conversions?

Advertising and marketing strategies on Facebook that actually work!

  • First, be specific about what you are trying to accomplish with the ad. Do you want more supporters? Do you wish to drive targeted audience to your business site? Are you looking to assemble an email directory? Whatever may be the reason, just be clear with your objectives and this will surely help you select the right approach.
  • Next, understand your role and the target audience. Facebook advertising is just not about having a number of fans liking your FB page; it is about creating a crowd that would eventually convert to buyers.
  • Have a close look at how your advertisements appear. Make sure you choose pictures, words and phrases that are unique and which will capture the interest of the viewers right away. Asking questions within your title will interest them; besides, ensure that your primary body ad text has a call to action that strongly encourages the target audience to choose the advertisements.
  • Maintain a consistency between your ad and the page which you send someone to when they click on it. You can either send people to a landing page outside Facebook or to a particular Facebook page, application, event, or group. The more consistency between your ad and the click through page, the more likely your audience responds to your advertisement.
  • Another crucial step while planning on Facebook advertising is to carry out a split test of the advertisement. Split testing helps you develop different formats for the same ad. You can use a range of pictures, modify the titles and also change the principle text of the ad, for example. Analyze the efficacy of each advertisement at different times of the day. Once you have confirmed the ads that are functioning the most effective, you can stop the other promotions that failed to do a good job. This way, you can determine which of your promotions are perfect for your marketing campaign.
  • Well, when you advertise with Facebook, you have to bid on the cost of the ads. The specific ad is subject to authorization by Facebook to ensure that you have followed the guidelines. If you are in a hurry to get your ad functioning, it is better to bid higher than the quantity Facebook recommends. Facebook uses a process which gives priority to buyers that bid very high. A high bid denotes that you are willing to devote a fair amount of income for the ads.

By following the above said tips and ideas, you can certainly make your Facebook advertising campaign a big success.

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