Integrated Marketing is a Must to see Growth in Your Business

Integrated Marketing is a Must to see Growth in Your Business

Integrated Marketing is a concept, which involves coordination in marketing efforts and external and internal advertising. It is one of the strategies, which ensure success in the marketing campaign. The main aim of this marketing technique is to provide consumers a consistent message through recognizable elements all through the marketing campaign.

Today, consumers go through a tough time in order to choose from a range of choices available to them in the market. Every day, hundreds of messages vie for the attention of the consumers through an array of media. However, only consistent and cohesive messages communicated by businesses across these channels succeed in breaking through the clamor.

Fundamentals of Integrated Marketing

  • It starts with the consumer
  • It emphasizes on the customer processes
  • It transcends campaigns
  • Requires dialogue and interaction
  • It is an amalgamation of sales, service and marketing

Today, consumers research a lot and spend less than they did a few years back. Marketing messages across various channels must be synergistic. This way, consumers identify that all the marketing communication is from the same business source. By hiring professional consultants and agencies, you can achieve this task easily.

Businesses with different marketing campaigns or different departments having separate goals are in fact working against one another. Such fragmented approach will simply not work to attract consumers and prospects, as they are already have to deal with so many choices. This reduces the impact of the individual marketing efforts thereby increasing their individual costs. The trick here is to give your consumers a clear understanding of the value that your business will offer.

Advantages of Integrated Marketing

  • Integrated marketing fuses various elements under a sole unified strategy. It is apparent that the marketing efforts will have an array of objectives, but all the goals are coordinated efficiently with a unified strategy. This way they all work together towards supporting larger goals.
  • It creates a unified identification for your business that your consumers will identify and relate to it in any context. In fact, this must extend to everything that you do from sales, customer retention and customer service.
  • It develops trust in the service and products you offer. Generally, consumers are skeptical of the claims made by the ads. However, with a consistent message, they feel that they are familiar with your business.
  • This is an effective marketing technique. The marketing is quite powerful, when every ad, every mail and every marketing message communicates consistently. Every consumer sees the message and it is reinforced on his or her mind. This builds great trust and awareness over time.
  • It also helps in efficient usage of the marketing resources. By integrating various channels, you can exploit individual strengths thereby maximizing the impact.

How to identify whether the Marketing is integrated

The following criteria will help you evaluate your existing marketing efforts

  • Are they instantly identifiable as coming from the similar source
  • Do they achieve the same objectives and work effectively together
  • Do they propagate your positioning, your value and brand image every time across different media?

If the answer is no to these questions, then perhaps it is the right time to integrate your marketing techniques.