LinkedIn Advertising Services

LinkedIn Advertising Explained

Well, LinkedIn is the network for professionals and is used for professional networking purposes. There are more than 300 million users in LinkedIn.  The site is used as an important link and advertising in LinkedIn could bring in a good and positive impact.

The profile badge LinkedIn offers you links you helps you connect with many professionals in the same field. The profiles compiled acts as a link between the various people who opt to create LinkedIn profiles.

Uses of LinkedIn Profile

The main aim of LinkedIn profile is to land the jobs one desires the most. With the resume builder tool, one can easily convert the Linked profile into a resume which can be instantly emailed and shared online. Another important feature is the LinkedIn job board which lets you know about the opportunities available and also show the job profiles one might be interested in depending upon the information which has been keyed in the LinkedIn profile.

Endorsement – An important feature of LinkedIn

The endorsement feature in the LinkedIn gives a lot of credibility to profile creators who have registered with LinkedIn. And one more feature allows you to check as to who have viewed your profile.

LinkedIn Advertising

  • LinkedIn advertising could be a good option as there are millions of users worldwide. This enterprising social media platform can be used for extensive advertising and is good for business to business marketers who can not only create the profiles but can reach the target audience better. LinkedIn advertising has not been exploited properly like the Facebook or Twitter. The opportunities for advertising are immense in case of LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn can serve as an advertising medium for B2B companies. As the website is strictly used by professionals, the reach of the products will be certainly better. Marketers can create an advertisement within a very short time and Pay Per Clicks can also be extremely beneficial for such business to business category that can target a huge audience.
  • In case of LinkedIn advertising, one can target the required audience. For example, one can pinpoint and target a particular section like the banking sector or the lawyers.
  • When you a target a particular set of people, the conversion rates become better in all kinds of advertising.
  • In case of LinkedIn advertisement, one can create more than three ads per campaign and target a specific set of audience. The varying campaigns will get clicks depending on the positioning of the ads. The better ones can be retained and the rest can be suspended.
  • The budget or the money spent on LinkedIn ads is flexible. It is the person who places the ads who decides the budget. You can place ads in a low budget or a high budget category. And the best part is that if you place advertisements in LinkedIn, your reach is vast. So, it makes sense to advertise in LinkedIn.

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