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Mobile Advertising (Smart Devices) – Why and When?

With so many people on their smart phones 24×7, ignoring or neglecting to explore this territory is an error by itself. Well, figuring out exactly how to make use of mobile advertising for a business is quite challenging. Most of the entrepreneurs have in fact struggled with online advertising. Now, adding mobile to the blend can be even more expensive and confusing. But, they don’t have a choice. Good news is that there are some proven tips to create a great mobile advertising strategy that can practically drive results.

How to make your mobile advertising campaign a grand success?

First, know your audience.

A lot of mobile advertisers tend to spend before knowing who their mobile audiences are and what they are trying to achieve with them. For instance, a huge segment of the mobile advertising business is perhaps the mobile installation business. When you are focusing on app installs, you should work backwards; in other words, first, understand your mobile customers and the ones who will use your app the most, for what purpose they use and who they are. This will help you start making mobile ad buys with a fair chance of building your business successfully.

Time it right.

To create and maintain a booming mobile advertising campaign is to offer appropriate incentive for users to act right away. As mobile is all about immediacy, ensure that you time your campaign based on when you want the user to take action. Your incentives may be a complimentary entertainment download or a virtual coupon. As far as mobile is concerned, it is all about providing the consumer the right moment to associate with your brand.

Location is the key.

It is crucial to know the ideal place to put an ad. For instance, placing it right in the middle of a game is certainly not the best place. Depending on the company, effective ad placement differs; however, there are many resources available to guide you in making the perfect choice.

Use an effective Call to Action.

In fact, the three most powerful calls to action are discount coupons, free items and BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One) promotions.

Make it social.

Social networks like Twitter were primarily born as mobile platforms and still feature a huge portion of their overall activity to mobile sources. Why not provide your mobile advertising campaign some support by adding social sharing. Via this, you can undoubtedly make your campaign more viral and ultimately higher yielding.

Integrate your efforts.

For a successful mobile advertising campaign, you should have a well planned mobile marketing and advertising strategy, integrate the elements of the mobile to work well and consistently highlight your overall brand message. Think well about how mobile marketing will find a good place within your overall marketing program and how it can improve your existing relationship with your clients and customers. Finally, take efforts to create messages that are relevant, clear and compelling.

Well, the above mentioned tips should certainly assist you towards a successful mobile advertising campaign.

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