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To advertise online, you should partner with a professional online advertising agency who have the ability to understand your business objectives and can help you create and execute an effective Integrated Advertising Campaign aligned to your marketing objectives.

Online Advertising Agency has a professional team of Advertisers who have been successfully working with many clients across the industries and segments implementing Ad strategies across platforms. Just in case you are already advertise online, we can also help you evaluate your existing online campaigns and suggest any possible improvements.

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Online Integrated Advertising

Online Integrated Advertising – Planning for Success

Variety of Ad options across Platforms and Devices, this is what Integrated Advertising is. Advertising is not just about creating the buzz, it is also about transmitting that buzz into viable business prospects in most effective ways.

There are many Online Advertising Agencies which provide services like Search Ads, Social Media Ads, Display Ads etc. But it is very important to understand the need of having integrated approach to advertising online.

“Online Integrated advertising” is one of the most successful ways of promotion in the market these days. We need to find an efficient way to get our audience to actually “engage” with our content in the way that we like and in the way it actually works. That is why we need to align our target to all advertising platforms that are capable of delivering to our goals.

Of course sometime one platform may work better than the others, so we would need to adjust our investments across the options in proportion of expectation of returns.

This is what we do in our Online Integrated Advertising plans. We map your objectives to create a plan which is likely to be effective and then implement it across the agreed advertising platforms. This is followed by continued monitoring of performance leading to conscious adjustments in various advertising parameters like – Ad spend, target groups – demography, language, scheduling and prioritization, bid adjustments.

Integrated Online Advertising: how and why?

With the pace internet has gained importance in man’s life today, it has become the modern and effiective tool for advertising. Be it in any business field, internet has marked its importance as the paradigm through which the success of the offerings can be spurred or crashed.

Online or internet advertising is done through various strategic ways ranging from ‘e-mail marketing’ to ‘social media marketing’. However, with the changing trends, and the emergence of insurmountable information over the web, the need for integrated online advertising can be seen.

What does ‘Integrated Online Advertising’ refer to?

Integrated Online Advertising is means of employing different promotional ways in a unified manner which makes ads more effective. By integrated advertising, the target of the advertising campaign must be to devise a strategy that ensures advertising in a versatile yet cohesive manner. The different tools that a business firm chooses must operate in an inter-connected manner with one sole aim rather than rambling into different directions. This indeed can contribute a lot in sustaining the interests of the customers and making an advertising campaign a greater success.

Ways of Online Advertising and how to integrate them?

There are uncountable ways to advertise over the web. The most popular are email advertising, social media ads, promotional blogs, e-newspapers, and many more. Integrating these can be engrossing as well. The e-newsletters may not only promote the product and offerings but also subscription demands may help in knowing the interested area of the potential customers. But subscription should not charge an unjustified cost from the subscribers.

However, there is no doubt in the fact that social website like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn rule the internet world. Hence, they can help a long way in developing mutual understanding about the product lines between the potential buyers and the sellers.

Also, blogs are a great means to make promotions and they can be easily linked into the e-mails sent for advertising. Also, the customers may be asked to submit their valuable feedback on the blogs. In case it is not suitable for the customer to sign up to the blog, they may be asked to send a reply which may be considered as their feedback.

Why should Online Advertising be ‘Integrated’?

The need from Integrated Online Advertising is arising from the fact that today’s buyers are more willing to research about the product before spending on it. They might search for the product online through various search engines, or different ads or blogs posted about the product. They may even refer to the various mails that have been sent by the advertisers to them.

Through these, an opinion about the product is framed and that indeed reflects upon the products sales. Hence, the ads, customer reviews,   news, all this must be integrated so as to help the potential customer see the product as clearly and as easily as possible. The advertisers must ensure the information must be available in an accessible manner.
Visitors usually like the content which is informative as well. So, sometimes, the just ‘buy-buy’ articles may end up irritating the potential customers. Hence, integrated approach of online Advertising, gives advertisers an opportunity to convey information in a consistent, effective and more acceptable manner.


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