Pay Per Impression Advertising (CPM)


Why to go for Pay Per Impression Advertising?

Internet and the spread of World Wide Web have affected the world we live to a very great extent. Quite unsurprisingly, it has become the reach of everybody’s hand. Growing usage and flourishing popularity has even attracted the advertisers towards internet, which has become indeed the apple of every advertiser’s eye in today’s date.

What is ‘Pay per impression’?

Pay per impression (CPM), abbreviated as CPM is one of the models that internet advertising supports. Cost per impression is defined as the cost paid by the advertiser to the website owner each time an advertisement is displayed on the website. Thus, Cost per impression is an amount charged from an advertiser to allow him/ her to campaign advertisements on the internet. In fact, Pay per Impression can help you in spurring revenue from the website. Precisely, CPM is Pay per 1000 impressions.

What does an ‘Impression’ stand for?

By Impression, we signify each display of an online advertisement on the webpage i.e. the number of times the advertisement gets displayed. So, impressions are basically views.  A webpage may have one impression for each ad. Perhaps, there is not any specific upper or lower bound on the numbers of ads that should be visible on a webpage.

What is Pay per Impression capable of?

Pay per Impression or CPM, along with ‘Pay per Click’ has various capabilities which can regulate the flow of traffic from different websites and are also, a source of revenue. Pay per Impression (CPM) can help in

  • Directing the visitor traffic to different website.
  • Prevent overflow of visitors towards one website.
  • Creation of brand awareness.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of ad.

Why go for Pay per Impression?

Through ‘Pay per Impression’, an advertiser is assured that the advertisements will be displayed along with the web content.  Its rising popularity is also letting it become one of the key factors for revenue generation for website owners.

However, one of the best parts about Pay per impression is that CPM ads do not even require clicks. Opting for CPM ad’s means one can earn only on the fact that impressions are visible on the websites, i.e. CPM makes you earn on every 1000 displays of the ads.

The CPM rates may be fixed or vary depending solely on the advertiser, the ranking of the website on which the ad is displayed.

Popular Pay per impressionnetworks:

The different website owners also get fascinated to display ads through CPM, as the advertisers pay them off in return. Also, there are numerous CPM advertising networks that can pay help the website owners in increasing their revenues. The most popular are Tribal fusion,, Casale Media, Gunggo, Burst media, and a lot more.Tribal fusion is the best CPM network, considering high CPM rates, although it accepts sites with voluminous traffic., part of AOL is also highly preferred by websites as it helps those choosing highly reliable ads.

With such a tremendous scope, ‘Pay Per Impression’ has a long way to go!

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