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We Ensure Efficient Return on Your Investments (ROI)!

Online Advertising Agency has a professional team of Google Certified Advertisers who have been successfully working with many clients across the industries and segments. Just in case you are already advertising online, we can also help you evaluate your existing online advertising campaigns and suggest any possible improvements.
We provide result driven, transparent and trackable campaigns which allows you to evaluate the success against your own targets. For Sales driven Advertising Objectives we can also work on No Results – No Fee basis.

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Search Advertising Services- reach them while they are looking for you!


Search Advertising Services

Search Advertising is the process of publishing your adverts on search result pages of various search engines.

Search Advertising Services

The Adverts to be shown are chosen on the basis of search terms used by visitors. This actually means that the visitor is actively looking for information, products or services related to the search terms. This in turn implies that they would be interested in search results as well as the related adverts shown around the search results.

Because of the ability to relate to potential customers’ current needs, while they are looking for its fulfillment, Search Advertising is supposed to be very effective. Moreover the ability to create, run, monitor and alter ads which are effective almost immediately can not be even thought of in traditional advertising world.

The Search Advertisers list to chose from is huge but some of the major and popular players in the field are Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., who also provide effective tools to plan, design and implement effective adverts. Most of the Search Advertising is done on the basis of Pay Per Click (PPC), but there are also some options available for using Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). PPC option is suitable for businesses who wish to get traffic to their website through these ads with intention to increase Sales or simply the Number of Visitors.

Search Advertising

If you manage to read through some of the relevant information, it may sound to be fairly simple to set up and run Search Advertising. However, in real life, it may not be as simple as that. We need constant alignments to search trends, fast technological updates and also specific Performance Analytics. This means dedicated resources who are focused and are high on learning ability, knowledge and experience to create and run search advertising effectively. This is more important from Return-On-Investment (ROI) perspective which involves ensuring most effective Cost Per Click (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR), Ad Ranking, Conversion Ration, Quality Score etc., which is also an ongoing process needing regular monitoring and fine-tuning.

Hence it is important to partner with a professional online advertising agency who have the ability to understand your business objectives and can help you create and execute an effective Search Advertising Campaign aligned to your marketing objectives. They must also know what they are doing (Certified), they should have done it before and should be capable of keeping up to date with possibilities to give you maximum possible ROI on ongoing basis.


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