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Social Media Advertising

Social Media or Social Network Advertising is a form of Online advertising that focuses on Social Networking platforms e.g. Facebook, Orkut, Myspace etc. One of the major benefits of advertising on a Social Media Site is better targeting on the basis of additional information that is available on these platforms about their members. This means that here the advertisers can target the users based on real demographic information like gender, age, interest etc. appropriately.

Advertise on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. to gain maximum exposure. Social media in advertising is a generally under-valued process but in fact it is very effective in gaining website traffic or brand visibility. We are one of the few social advertising agencies that can help you increase facebook likes, Twitter followers etc. We are also specifically recognized as a facebook advertising agency which can help your website get a large amount of traffic.

Social media or social network advertising combines the targeting options (like psycho-graphic targeting, behavioral targeting geo-targeting etc.), to make detailed target group identification possible.

Data from multiple and credible sources suggest that social media advertising may not be as effective as other social media advertising options in terms of conversions, but they are equally good (if not better) for generating traffic for the website. In addition, the effective fan base on social media platform like Facebook is known to add to product or brand credibility.

A bigger and relevant fan base also means a possibility and medium for direct communication with them which could be used to enhance the brand awareness and involve the audience in brand decisions where appropriate.

While Social Media Advertising may sound simpler, it needs constantly updated and practical knowledge, experience and regular monitoring & fine-tuning to ensure best possible returns on advertising investment.

Partner with a professional social Network advertising agency who have the ability to understand your business objectives and can help you create and execute an effective Social Media Advertising Campaign aligned to your marketing objectives.

Online Advertising Agency has a professional team of Social Media Advertisers who have been working with many clients across the industries and segments implementing Social Media Ad strategies across platforms successfully. Just in case you are already advertising on social media, we can also help you evaluate your existing social media advertising campaigns and suggest any possible improvements.