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Twitter Advertising Explained

Twitter advertising has made good inroads into social marketing. Advertising on Twitter has helped many small business enterprises and medium business enterprises to market their products and position their products in a better way. Twitter has millions of users who tweet regularly. And it is quite surprising to note that there are more searches on Twitter compared to the combined number of Yahoo and Bing users.

The best part of twitter advertising is that there are three advertising options: promoted tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts. All the three options have their own advantages and there is a timeline of activity. The budgets can be of varied range which is beneficial for the business owners.

Special Aspects of Twitter Advertising

When you are promoting your products using the promoted trends, what you are actually doing is making known about the product to people who are interested in the particular products. When a conversation of a particular product is displayed, this results in a chain of conversations which actually acts as a media of advertisement. Of course, this is bound in time line and in this constrained time itself, the products get a lot of exposure.

When you continuously talk about a brand and when more information is shared the reach is better and the brand product which is discussed about invariably gets a positive image and a better reinforcement in the mind of consumers who are interested about these products. In fact, promoted trends act as a brand development in case of new products and product launches.

Importance of Keywords

All the searches use keywords. So the keywords are very important. Every search in the web is based on keywords. It is the keywords that are involved at each stage of net browsing. Promoting trends give more exposure about the products and the advertisers gets good and positive returns after exposing their products in the promoted trends. Not only that a huge awareness of the products is created which will create an audience that can convert into customers in the near future.

Impact of Twitter Advertising

Though promoted trends have a time line within which the brands create an impression, the impact seems to be longstanding as studies show that though the promoted trends create the most impact on the days when the trends are run, the impact of the promoted trends continued for a longer period. This is especially useful for small and medium enterprises that seem to benefit the most from this kind of advertising.

Advantages for Small and Medium Enterprises

As there is constant interaction in Twitter even though people may not make purchases immediately, this is beneficial for medium enterprises as people would directly or indirectly recommend these products and people would read comments made by friends and other like-minded people and this can improve the reach of the products.

When small business enterprises and medium enterprises use Twitter advertising, people who are active on Twitter feel more connected with the small business enterprises which act as a good brand building factor and contributes to sales and further recommendations.

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